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Login Page

To register, you will be required to enter your payroll number and a unique registration code. You will then be asked to enter the details of your most regularly used email address in order to receive notifications from the NEP system. Please ensure you are using the correct email format otherwise it will not let you continue e.g. Once you have registered, we will send a confirmation link to your email address. You will need to click on this link to confirm ownership of the email address in order to proceed.

Password Format
Your password should be memorable, at least 6 characters and a combination of letters and at least 1 symbol. Passwords are case sensitive. You should not reveal your password to anyone else.

I have registered but I am not sure I have registered the correct email address as I haven't received the confirmation link.
If you try logging in with your email address you will have an opportunity to re-send yourself the confirmation link. Alternatively, if you think you registered an incorrect email address you will be able to re-register by entering your payroll number again on the registration page.

I am new starter and I do not have a registration code.
You need to telephone the helpdesk number on the login page.

I have a new email account which I would like to use instead of the registered one, how do I get this changed?
You need to login with your registered email address and click on your account settings to then change your registered email address to your new one.

I have already registered my email address, but I still cannot login.
Check that you have verified your email address by clicking on the link we sent you.Check that you are trying to login with the email address that you used to register. Try resetting your password. If none of the above resolve the issue, please telephone the helpdesk number on the login page.

I want to change my password and/or my security questions, how do I do this?
You need to login and then click on your account settings for this to be changed.